About Us

About HorseboxHub

Our website brings horse owners and transporters together, in one place, to bring you affordable transport costs.

Whether you are moving your horse locally, or long distance in the UK or Europe, you can get quotes from a range of different transporters and book via our simple to use system. Alternatively, you can search for a suitable empty load for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly horse transport solution.


Why is HorseboxHub unique

When moving your horse, it’s important to get the best possible price from reliable horse transporters. Rather than phoning each individual transporter or searching the web, with HorseboxHub you can list your journey and let the transporters come to you.

Who we are

Horseboxhub is a totally independent website designed to simplify horse transport for both owners and transporters.


Our Mission

To create a secure environment where horse transport can be sourced and arranged as simply as possible: saving time and money.


Our promise

As part of our due diligence, we check that each horse transporter is registered with DEFRA, and where possible certified to transport your horse. If no DEFRA number is available, it will not be displayed on their profile.